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5 Logo Design trends 2018: Stay top of your game

5 Logo Design trends 2018: Stay top of your game

Architecture and graphic design

Architecture and graphic design are the things which inspired each other. New inspiration can be an architectural design which results in giving the customers a good design which pleases them also. In this year the logo designers are using the original space in the logo design as you go to a famous fast food and know how things work here. Visual interpretation is a must which will be the part of logo design.

Typographic techniques

Typography is one of the basic technique which enhancing this year with all the fun. Now the concept of modern typography is taking place which also includes texts and pictures which are captured from cameras in real time. This is also inspiring the audience a lot as they now want to see something innovative in this field. Custom typefaces are also using the logo which creates the illusion which also interprets the message which they want to communicate.

Funky styles in the logos

Everyone wants to have some fun in the busy life of Dubai where logo designing is now becoming a difficult task. Fun sells so well means that audience love to have those logos which reveal something funny in them. In 2018 one of the trends is fun, and funky style logos which have silly jests in them. Faux glitches like weird effects can also be seen in this year as the fun is on.

Geometric shapes

Fundamental geometric shapes are now the part of the logo design which is the old culture also. In 2018 we will look of more logos like the geometric shapes. These are something very basic but the audience of the old times will love these type of designs also. For sure enhancements will be seen in these shapes in the modern year. You will be exciting having them.

Typography and monograms

In the modern time, the monograms and typography of the logo are going to perfection. Some brands are not working a lot on the logo designing every year but they are just adding these things to the logo to give it a classy look. So if you want to look trendy and do not want to waste more effort in a perfect logo design you can use this trend in the logo design Dubai. The audience will love this way also as the simpler things are more understandable.

2018 is trendy

This is a high time for designers also to have some extraordinary skills regarding logo design because if you don’t have good skills you will never win the race. People are now aesthetically getting much aware and they can differentiate between a good and a bad design. Always make a logo which is elaborating a good concept and convincing style will affect their behavior.


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