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Web designing and development are two different fields in IT world. When we talk about developing a site, we divide it into two major categories first is web development the other one is designing. Website designing is basically the front interface or outlook of any site and it’s also called front end. Whereas web development is totally different, it involves back-end coding. In general web development is a combination of front-end development and back-end development. Both development phases involve coding and implementation, but the basic difference is handling a site on the front site which is visible to user and the back site which is for developer and not visible to user apparently.

With respect to implementation, Web designing can also be done in two ways.

  • Graphic designing
  • Front-end development.


Graphics designing in terms of website design provides pictorial representation of a site which is also called layout or template of site. Professional graphic designers create templates of sites using software e.g. Photoshop or Illustrator.

 Things to consider when going to developing a business website:

  • Attractive logo design
  • Website layout
  • High quality graphics
  • Business profile design
  • Effective UI

Your website appearance should be eye catching and designed with high quality images and color combinations, these templates than get approved further and sent to Front-end developer. Who code the selected template using different coding languages like HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Today, if you are creating a site one thing you need to make sure is it must be responsive. Now what is site responsiveness and why is it necessary? Well a responsiveness of any site means that it can be use in any device e.g. desktop, tablet, smart phones etc.


On the other side when we talk about web development or back-end development, we mean the implementation of site like actions the site actually going to perform e.g. sign in, signup, sent mail etc. These all are the tasks of any site. Back-end development is basically much logical and critical. There are many techniques and tools through which a site can be developed like PHP, .Net, ASP. Moreover a developer needs to follow many platforms and frameworks to implement the site properly. Before a hiring a professional company, you must need to checkout company website designing portfolio and years of experience in that field.


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