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Guidelines to make your business website user friendly

It’s very important for a business to have a website.

The Online presence of any business determines the success of any business. A well-designed website helps to market the products and services for local as well as foreigner customers. A professionally website designed and developed website is very important to make a good image and reputation of your business. The website should be designed by keeping the users in mind. Here are some guidelines to make a business website user friendly.
Visually Tempting Designs
•    Use an attractive layout that is familiar to your target users. Mostly a two or three column layout is usually used.
•    Use appealing, overall consistent and professional look for better outputs.
•    The very important factor to make a user-friendly website is a good interface.
•    Your business identity reflects in your color scheme and it should be harmonized with background colors.
•    Follow the typography guidelines for better readability.  
•    Website navigation should be instinctive.
•    It sticks to established conventions that make it look and work like users suppose it to.
•    Do not originate your own navigation. Even if you describe how to use it, usually the users will not be concerned to learn.     
Fast Loading Time
•    The loading time of your website should be fast because users don’t visit slow websites.
•    It’s necessary to test the loading time of your website.
•    There are some recommendations that how to fasten the loading time and increase the speed of your website like; compression of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files and usage of small size images.
Search Engine Option
•    Its significant to give a search engine option at upper right corner, it’s been appreciated by the users as it will definitely save their time.
•    The users will certainly make use of a search engine within your website if they cannot find what they are looking for, specifically if they cannot understand how to find it using the navigation system.
•    The search engine should be intended to display zero results if what is searched is not available. Otherwise, users will switch to another site.
Contact Information
•    Adding contact information is very important as it gives a positive impression and confidence to the users that there is a company behind a well-designed website
•    It will create a great influence on your goal conversion, particularly if you are selling products and/or services directly via your website.
•    Try to provide all the details like service center numbers, contact information as well as address of your company to facilitate your clients efficiently.
These tips will help you to make a user-friendly business website. It will increase the interaction rate of your website and users will visit your website again and again. With a good experience they will definitely recommend to their peers and it will ultimately increase goal conversion.


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