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How to control Information Density Efficiently?

Guidelines to balance Information Density

How to control Information Density Efficiently?

A good layout and website designing are very important to attract your users, improving customer relation as well as for better conversion rate. In this era of mobile internet revolution, a responsive web design is also very important. User friendly and responsive web design is very significant for the success of your business. One important factor that matters a lot in the whole process of web development and design is information density of your website that how much content, images and graphics you are providing to your users for providing them quality information. Appropriate balance of information density makes a site more responsive.

What is Information Density?

Information density is the amount of information presented to a user when he or she visits your web page. The more information a user is given, the denser the site.

This information Includes;
Navigation menus 
Text or content

It’s always appealing to load up a site with a lot of content to create an interest for visitors for making it user friendly site.

Importance of Information Density

Information Density is very important because it has strong effects on 
User experience

Try to control the information density in a very moderate and balanced way. If you fill your web pages with everything, then everything loses its interest and value so a balance in information density is very important to make it valuable. Users can’t handle and digest too much information at the same time and it leads to just switch to another site so try to use the following formula for balanced information density;
Call to Action 
Reviews Per Product. 

Guidelines to balance Information Density

Designing a website with great user experience and balanced information density starts with following questions;
What is the goal you want to achieve with your website?
What task does the user require to complete?
What is absolutely essential for the user to complete this task?

These questions help you to figure out how to manage and balance information density on your website;
Eye-catching call to action button
Influential, clear and noticeable call to action text 
Clean and neat design with a lot of white space to help users to focus on your website to achieve the goals.
Spontaneous user flow and path to reaching your web page's goal 
Perfect use of visual grading 


Information density also plays an important role in UX of web design so the designer should keep in mind from the beginning of the whole process that how to handle all the information in an effective way. Some websites need more content so the best possible thing you can do is to break the information into small chunks to efficiently organize it.


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