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How to select the right font for your Website Design

Requirements of your project and Design

The right selected font depicts you project and design effectively according to the requirements. Keep in mind your target audience too because the typeface should be according to the expectations of the target audience. Try to choose the font that enhance your website design.

Brand Identity

While selection of a font, keep in mind your brand as the font should represent your brand identity. Every font has explicit web design intent that describes certain characteristics and has its own personality like Serif fonts depict tradition and consistency; sans serif fonts are modern and contemporary script fonts grace and elegance. Always keep in mind your brand features while selecting font.

Readability is very important
While selection of any font, keep in mind the readability factor because without readability your design and font as well as given information will not be useful and effective. The body text of your website design should be most readable. Readability should be test before the final launch.

Modern Trends
In this industry of web designing and development everything is changing so fast and current, modern trends are taking place of the previous one. The designers should know about the current trends. If you want to be successful as designer choose the right font. Keep in mind latest trends regarding fonts and read typography blogs for best outputs.

Goals and Objectives
While keeping in mind the goals and objectives as well as your requirements, you can easily select the right font. You have to be very clear that which message you want to convey and what type of font will best convey represent your business. For example, if you are a conveying message to grownups and want to represent firmness and reliability choose a serif font. If you are designing something for younger ones then use livelier font like script or brush font. Every Design has different requirements. Try to focus on one font as some combination of different type of fonts sometime creates an unprofessional look.  Keep in mind that so many font sizes and styles at once can also smashup any layout design.  If it is necessary to use more than one font, make sure that the font styles match each other based on their character and size.

Font should work effectively in different sizes
Users usually access your site from different devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. It’s essential to select a typeface that works well in various sizes and helps to maintain readability and usability in every size.

Font selection is a very important task so making the right choice can give your website a perfect look. In short typography should be readable, clear, and understandable.


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