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Logo design trends of 2018

Innovation and creativity with logo designers

Now the designers have to be very careful when making a logo for a company. It has to look good but the context of the logo has to be very clear. The full logo is not printed on the postcards, banners, or stationary sometimes. But the symbol which is telling all about logo can be used for reference. If the logo does not have the ability to make something different than your design is failed.

Inspirational architect

Now the clever designers are putting the architect to the logo designs. This is not an easy task to have physical space on the logo but somehow if you want to create the brand identity you must need this. Now we are moved to the most digital world. Designers are trying their best to capture the architectural landmarks. They are now trying to brand through the visual representation of the work.

Fun activity

This will be a year that will make you smile. Fun in the logo is a basic part as this is representing the positive message, the bright colors, and cute characters. Every logo has to be something which creates positivity in the world of negativity and uncertainty. These type of logos will stay in the mind of your audience for the longer time period and they will love to have your product or services.

Extreme Metaphors

This year we will see that the designers are incorporating metaphors in the. This is the way which can attract the customer as in previous metaphor was the focal point. So designers are now making this way of innovation in their logos which is best to see in the industry. These are some of the thoughtful and clever concepts of having the metaphor in the logo design.

Typography experimental technique

This upcoming year will also come with the typographic focus which was also used in the past years but this year it will increase with new concepts. Experimental typography will increase this year. New and innovative concepts and designers are now thinking of how old concepts can be used and how they can provide the medium to the new innovations and old innovation interactions.

Logo on grids

Grids are the backbone of logo designing. Grids control everything theory, portray logic, and perfection. It is one of the trends which will not end in the year 2018. Late designs have the fit portion of the evident grid in logo design this year. If a logo is not made on the grid the designers can never control the alignment properly.

The mistake of pattern colors

Masking or Layering is the classy methods that are tangled in the pattern to contain, or reveal the additional content in the shape. These techniques are usually subtle and can easily go under the radar. This technique always provides the room for experimentation in both conceptual and abstract. This is the reason most of the designers are now focusing on this way of designing.


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