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Modern website Design Layouts

The evolution in technology is going to surprise everyone by modern and major changes.

Digital world is now a part of our daily lives. According to some studies average people spend about 11 hours a day watching, reading, and listening to interacting with media in some way or the other. This is why digital business continually tries to progress the visitor experience in their website. The changes in website design and development has also been seen. The aesthetically pleasant designs and techniques and websites have been made into smarter and more interactive. We are in the years when we are able to and will continue to see the best of website design and development in full swing.
There are different factors and layouts making a website more attractive for the users;

Interactive Features
For maximum user engagement, designers are adamant on arranging single page designs with interactive story-telling techniques and other interesting features, in order to increase visitor time on their websites, especially on mobile.

Monochromatic Design
This design really helps to solidify your brand. Color defines a brand. Having lots of colors in your branding palette is great, but limiting the branding to one color helps enhance a design and makes it more memorable to a website viewer.

Asymmetrical Layout
Its an experimental layout as compare to grid. Such layouts drive the eyes to a certain direction where there is moderately more going on. Asymmetrical layouts provide a lot more room to creativity than the plain old grid rules.

There is a lot of trend of minimalism layout and many brands want to go for it. This layout makes the website very straight-forward; the users are introduced to the product and service right way.If the conventional elements don't occupy the space on a web page, then the designers integrate animation, fade-in effects, chatbots or some other interactive elements to boost up the website.

Abstract Designs and shapes

The prime goal of using abstract elements in website design is to make it timeless, and optimal user engagement. This will be a trend we will see more of in 2019 and later. The designers try incorporate abstract elements in the websites to keep visitors inspired with crazy, surreal objects moving about.The colors and characters in the abstract art connect with emotions; users feel personally connected and picture themselves in those designs.

Gradients have become a whole self-standing design technique, not only in website designing but also in typography, packaging design, logos, E-signatures, branding stationery and app designs as well. The website designers make the most of gradients by putting two or more colors that complement each other the most. They add a fun flare of color to an otherwise bland layout.

Split screen Layout
Split screen layout is the smartest choice. Flawless user-experience, responsive design and website copy that's on point; this modern-day classic layout just cannot go wrong.

There are also countless creative and practical options that designers use according to their client’s requirements and to make website more attractive and interactive.


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