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Non-sense website design trends for 2018

Some website trends are getting famous in the industry of Dubai

Flat Designs are now dying
UX trends are getting famous in the year 2018 and the flat designs are all passed in Dubai also. Now the focus of the designers is the drop shadow and gradient which is very economical also. In the previous years, this design way was not very famous among designers who are now appreciating this design way of the website. This is quite difficult for the company t0 make a flat design to an ultra-navigational design. So most of the studies say that you should not ideally do this.

Embedding of videos
Website designs are now having the trend of videos which is also a good one when you are giving a message through social media channels. It is also helpful for you when your audience is coming to the website and see the video. It lessens the bounce rate of the website which leads to a good score in the SEO related activities. Try to be precise because video trend is now growing so if you don’t have a video on the website people find it less productive for them. Designers in Dubai are now trying to add some useful video on a website to make it more visible on the internet and they are quite right in this regard.

Scrolling effects
Scrolling down is becoming less effective as the time is passing because of the loading of the website. Designers think that scrolling pages can slow down the website and it is als0 it become costly for a designer to add this effect. Most of the designers are now moving to the attached background of the website which is more effective than any other thing. You can see the examples in the modern made websites of Dubai. This is one of the best ideas which is also appreciated by the audience.

Ghost buttons are now dying
In previous year one of the famous trends was giving the ghost button which was not that much effective. This was the trend until the year 2014. These buttons were never a call-to-action. These were famous with the flat designs and with the death of that concept ghost buttons also died. They were creating the website busier and it was not a good idea to have them on the website page. According to the studies, these buttons lose the interest of the audience and they avoid to come on the website again that is why they were ended in the new designs.

Header menus are also called as sticky navigation which is avoided in the latest trend and now this is not the part of the trend. Now you can mention the things on a page with the help of scrolling down and with each scroll you are on a different menu. This is one of the famous ways which is making website design modern.


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