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Tips to Optimize An Image for Search Engine

Factors Include to Optimize an Image for Search Engine

While we talk about search engine optimization, it is not simply dependent on a simple content optimization. Today, sites or the SEO experts are paying attention to visual content appearance. It effectively boosts site traffic with the support of images and videos. A good logo, appealing & eye-catchy images may effectively attract your visitors. An appealing image content grabs more attention than text content. The user gets more attractive towards image representation therefore, the search engine has also included this factor for optimization. You may boost keyword ranking through an image representation. It is nowadays essential to optimize an image for the search engine.

Factors Include to Optimize an Image for Search Engine

Today in this article we’ll discuss important factors that may include in image optimization within a website. 

Optimize an Image for Search Engine

Image Size 

Image size may affect your webpage or website loading speed. If you’re using a big size image it’ll surely affect your site loading and ranking factor. Website designers pay special attention to image quality that should be more appealing to customers. But sometimes they are unable to pay attention to image size that slow down site loading speed.

Usually three type of images including JPG, PNG and GIF images. These type of images may attract more traffic towards the site. PNG images are undoubtedly a great combination of image quality as well as compression.

Google has clearly defined the importance of image quality, optimization for site loading speed to for mobile and desktop.  

Image Name

  The image name is another important factor to optimize it for the search engine. It enables the search engine to discover the content available in context. An image name could be your keyword. While uploading your image it is necessary to give a relevant name to your file. This file name could also be used an image title automatically if you haven’t separately defined it. The search engine may rank it through an image name. 

Alt Text 

Alt Text is another important factor for an image optimization. This text enables the search engine to work out of the topic surrounded by an image. This alt text may also contain your focus keyword. It should be descriptive and clear that could be easily understood by the user as well as the search engine.

If someone is unable to view your image, Alt text will clearly define what an image actually about. Don’t sacrifice the important details of the image about. You may simply tell the search engine as well as a user what is image all about. 

Title Text 

Title of an image should be the actual name of it. While uploading an image you may also include title text separately. The significant difference between an image title or name is that that title should be human as well as machine readable. While writing an image title text make sure to add space for separation instead of underscore or dash etc.

Title text may also be used as image sub-titles. Title text allows search engine as well as human being to know about the image. 

Image Engagement

Whether you’re optimizing text or image content, search engine always values the content with higher engagement. If an image is featured with high quality, content relevancy, and originality. It effectively boosts the chances of people engagement and this popularity boost its search engine ranking.

Here the link-building approach is another important factor to consider. It may effectively support in enhancing people engagement and boost search engine traffic. Image sharing and linking boost its engagement with people.

While we use to share images to different social sites, it also supports in driving people engagement through views and sharing. Social media is an important platform available to improve your image visibility. This sharing may enhance people interest and the developed interest effectively drive search engine’s attention towards it.

While we’re talking about image optimization, the surrounded content is also included in it. Content relevancy and optimization is another important SEO factor. If the content is relevant, embedded with keywords, quality and innovative than undoubted image will also rank in search engine?

If your image, as well as content, is fully optimized, surely search engine determine and consider it accordingly.

Final Thoughts

  An image could be effectively optimized and ranked to search engine through:

Pay attention to reduce your image size but remember, while reducing the image size pay attention its quality. 

  • Select a most relevant file name for your image.
  • Don’t forget to use descriptive, keyword embedded alt text.
  • Make sure to have easily readable title text for your image.
  • Pay special attention to content surrounded by the images by keeping its quality high and increase the keyword relevancy.
  • Pay attention to tailoring new, unique and eye-catchy images & graphics.
  • Engage your audience with image quality and sharing.


All of these are an important factor or image optimization. 


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