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Top Logo Designing Trends 2018

Logo Designing Trends

The logo is not just an image for any business that should be integrated for online representation. Today brand names are even getting recognized for its logo. Crafting a logo with brand name becoming a trend that is rapidly adopted by the businesses. If we are talking about the industry, it is an essential factor to consider nowadays. We are finding a need to discuss logo designing trends and it worth due to unlimited reasons. Some of the reasons to identify its worth are enlisted below.

Importance of Logo for Business

A logo is important for any business because of it:

Exposure of Business Identity

A business logo is undoubtedly the exposure of business identity. Business prefers to have a logo that may stick in their audience’s mind. A logo is not only part of your online website but it will be printed on business cards as well as products. It is considered a way to communicate the target audience. A well-designed logo enables the end-user to understand business niche. This logo communication increases the audience anxiety regarding the product or services. 

Grab Attention

Interesting and innovative logos are quite attention-grabbing. This is an approach to grab target market’s attention. It draws their interest and creates a curiosity to know more. It could be expected if your potential market has noticed the logo they’ll surely try to search its niches. The effective and communication logo is always gentle and simple.

Competition Distinguishing 

Most of the time businessman prefer to have a logo to accurately represent some particular industry. They use the business logo to represent that they’re different. It is a quality of an effective logo, it demonstrates what the business is? Who they are but differentiate at the same time. While we’re visiting some food market especially fast food. A lot of effective and competitive logo could be easily seen.

Brand Loyalty 

An effective logo is essentially required to boost brand loyalty. If any of the organization is updating their logo, the consumer doesn’t like it at all. Let’s have an example if Apple updates their logo or change it what will the reaction of users. They’ll definitely hate this tactic of marketing. An acquainted and recognizable logo is an approach to brand loyalty.

Logo Designing Trends 

We have clearly defined the importance of logo for any business. By considering its worth, experts have prepared a list of logo designing trends for 2018. Here are few of trends available to support the logo designers companies and individuals.

Simple Logo Design

Simple Logo Design

Keeping a simplicity to your brand logo is going to be more effective in 2018. This trend will work throughout the year. In other words, such logos are the best example of in-depth meaning with few but instant details. These type of logos are the beautiful combination of colors that tells a complete brand story. No need to add any irrelevant information to make things complex for the customer.

Text Logo 

Text Logo

While we talk about simplicity in logo design, text logos are the best example available. This trends automatically improve brand awareness. The logo contains the brand name and could be recognized accordingly. These type of logos could be designed in simple but different shapes that include lines, curves, and triangles and circle etc. it creates a powerful visual impact on the customer. Text logos are trending because they’re symbolic and straightforward.

Letter Stacking 

Letter Stack

Letter stacking is another amazing logo designing trend. This type of logo designing is an innovative solution available for business having long names. Their name or phrases could be easily placed and adjusted in columns. It looks appealing and attractive with the beautiful color combination.


Gradient Logo Design

Another amazing an eye-catchy logo designing trend is available in gradient. There is a variety of innovative and originally memorable logo implementation are available in previous years. It amazingly creates a beautiful logo with different color combinations. During the designing of gradient logo, designer loves to play with colors but they can’t overlook the combination.


Overlaps Logo Design

In 2018, designing a logo by using overlapping technique is also going to attract the users. In this type of logos, designer overlap different shapes and colors professionally. If a designer knows the technique to balance colors and shapes, they’ll definitely grab customer attention.


Stamps Logo

In the previous year, we’ve seen the trend of stamp logo with different composition techniques. This trend will continue throughout the year to attract and communicate the targeted audience. Stamp resembled logo are not common but could attract an audience and create a business identity.

In 2018, logo industry has set a trend to "say more with less”. It is expected that the business is going to have logos that are self-explaining. No need to mess things all around but the effective and wise use of colors and shapes may create a significant identity. Raising the simplicity means attracting the clients in a sophisticated way.


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