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How website design has an impact on SEO

The process of website design and search engine optimization go side by side. We can say that SEO starts with website design. Though the design is essential but the ranking and branding can’t be ignored because it has long-lasting impacts in the growth and conversion rates so while making a fantastic and appealing website try to be focused on the ranking of your website through proper SEO.

Page Speed

Excellent speed of any website is essential as google prefer those sites having high speed, so it helps in search engine optimization to gain maximum rankings. But some times heavy graphics, images and different features of your website slow down the speed so having an adverse impact on users and ultimately, they leave the site. In this way, you can lose heavy traffic so keep in mind this point while designing.

Website design is the first impression of your website. Good design has the best functionality and user-friendly site attract the visitors and ultimately increase web traffic. Search engines prefer those sites having easy to use navigation; otherwise, it affects your ranking so keep in mind while website designing and development process to gain high rankings.

Consistency in your website is vital. The design of the website should be like this that it makes your brand credible and unforgettable. Place all the information on your site strategically to make it easy for users to go through it effectively. Google prefer those sites having effective and to the point content that can give all the information regarding your brand. Don’t use excessive information and gain maximum rankings in search engines through SEO.

SEO based Content

Try to use good SEO content. You don’t need to use so many keywords. To give perfect results, you can hire an SEO expert who will help to gain maximum ranking by generating SEO content in the ideal design of your website. Content is the king of the site so it should be focused very well.

Images and Graphics
One more thing that helps in SEO best use of images. Don’t use heavy images that make your website speed slow. Try to use relevant and attractive images and graphics. Try to place it according to visual hierarchy to make your site more appealing for the users and search engines through proper optimization of images.

Always keep in mind that the site should not be complicated to make users confused. It should be easy to use and well optimized. A quality web design having a useful impression has a strong influence on search engine optimization to attain maximum ranking for strong online presence.


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