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Website design trends of 2018

Broken Layouts

Harmony between website designs is the must and for that designers are usually doing a lot of effort to have a good design which can easily catch the audience interest. The broken grid layout is not the part of grid layout because but it has some features from the grid. This is the sophisticated way to design the website page. All the elements are merged into different grids to give the best look for all the audience which is getting very famous in Dubai also.

Illustrations are taking place

Websites are now appreciating the illustration concept which makes the life easy for users. You can capture two things in the illustrations and that is the Editorial lifestyle, and Gifs or product UI. All the dimensions are usually defined in these illustrations which give the idea to the customer about a product. This is one of the best concepts which is now getting famous. Every other company now want to use it so that they can provide the customer's ease of measurement. Most of the brands are also interested now to use this way of website designing.

Mainstream status is reaching to brutalism

Now the concept of brutalism is going open and designers can do whatever they want and not do what they should actually do. This will sometimes leave you shocked because the designs are not that much good to see. This is one of the trends in 2018 which is not acceptable in any way and the designer has to do the good things for a company that ends up on worthy results and not on the disaster of the brand. Website design of GUCCI is the example of brutalism.

Oblique shapes and organic

In older times the cards of social media which were attached to the websites were having the sharp edges. This was one of the flop design but ended in the year 2017. Now every card using the website design have rounded corners including the card of social media. Avatars are also used in the rounded corners. This is one of the good trends which make eyes more relaxed because sharp edges were not the good idea. More organic shapes are also introducing with the passage of time which will come up with a good change in the industry.

Animations and persuasive interactions

The new trend of the animation is the good one because website pages should not be something on which the words are printed. 2018 has come with some of the ideal designs in the website which make it more worthy for the users. Now you can easily sell the items on the e-commerce website with the help of these modern designs. You can adopt all of them for your website in Dubai. Dubai is famous for technology and new trends are made for the city.


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