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Website Designing tricks which make your life easier

Codekit is a must when you are working on the mac book

Code kit is the good one

This is the code used for the browser reloading with ease and at very nominal prices. Hard days of refreshing the browsers are gone now and you can see the instant changes which you are going to do on the website. You can also use the Code kit for other operating systems too because this is the way which is making the life of designers easier.

Global changes

If you want to speed the things up you must change the style you are using to a web designer. Wildcard CSS rules now apply for saving the time of the web designer. Now asterisk is used as the selector. All the changes can easily apply to each part of every page. This is a great way for the designers to pick up different fonts as well as this will be flexible for each browser. Now everyone is using the updated version of the browser but maybe someone is opening the website in an older browser so this technique work for them also.

Bright Outlines

You should work like a genius when you are website designing. This can easily make your website flexible for every platform. If you add the outlines on each of the time of the website you can see afterward that on which part you are working right now. Most of the designers are using this way to ease their lives and designing phase of the website. Also, this is easy for the user to understand that to what part of the website they have to focus now.

Character count have to check

Comfortable reading is usually created on 40-75 characters per line which relax the mind of the user. Responsive fluid design usually supports 45 characters each line which makes the design more effective for the user. You should never exceed the per line count more than 75 because this can create a hustle in the design and this will give a bad effect to the user. The smaller amount of content with gaps make it more useful for the users of the website and they never get bored of it.

Videos usage per page

introducing the latest concept which makes everything more beautiful and that is the video design. Flash videos are now most of the time used in HTML 5 which is making the designers relaxed as they know this is the best way to engage the audience. Embedding support for the video on website page make it more useful for the user and it can easily generate a lot of traffic on the page. On the other hand, your bounce rate never exceeds a lot because the audience can get stuck on the page video.


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